Pride boat 2024

Pride boat 2024

Amsterdam Pride is one of the largest events in Europe. One of the highlights during this multi-day event is the Canal Parade, a colorful spectacle of 80 different boats sailing through the canals and attracting thousands of viewers. On Saturday, August 3, Bar Buka will be part of the Canal Parade for the second time. If you want to be a passenger on our boat, continue reading…

Pride Amsterdam 2024 will be focussing on the theme TOGETHER. In a polarizing society, the LGBTQA+ community often unintentionally finds itself pitted against each other instead of next to each other. During a time when rainbow identities are increasingly under pressure internationally and people are losing freedom, it is important that everyone knows how to find each other again. We need to be stronger together, despite our differences and stronger together because of our differences. Regardless of whether someone is LGBTIQ+ or an ally, we need each other; whether we experience our personal challenges in the countryside or in the city, at work or with our family. During Pride Amsterdam we celebrate the message of love for our loved ones who are close to us and for those who are at a distance, but face similar challenges due to their sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, or diversity in gender development. TOGETHER in Pride. For ourselves and for others.

Bar Buka Amsterdam

Bar Buka is a gay bar located in the Pijp Amsterdam. Buka means ‘open’ in Indonesian and although we focus on women, everybody is welcome. Gay, lesbian, trans, non-binary, bisexual, straight, m/f/x, feel free to visit us! Our bar is more than just a bar, we have organized various successful events for the community, such as speeddating, pubquizzes, kinky women meetings, queer story telling, open mic evenings, crafting workshops, 50+ afternoons and karaoke evenings. Our goal is to bring the community together and connect with each other. We strive to offer a safe place to meet other like-minded people, as we know how important it is to have a space where you can come together, meet friends, potential partners and be with like-minded individuals. At Bar Buka, being who you are is good enough, regardless of what you look like, how you identify yourself and who you love. Our boat not only symbolizes celebrating the diversity within the community, but also the diversity of the guests of our bar.


There is a lot going on in the world at the moment. You can’t watch the news or open a newspaper without reading stories about wars, attacks, murder, climate problems, refugee crises, homosexuality, violence against women and unfortunately the list goes on. There is so much tragedy, both close and far from home, so right now we must stand strong TOGETHER, to accept and support each other no matter what. We strive for a world in which everyone can be themselves in freely and safely, in which you can be who you are and love who you want, regardless of sexual preference, gender identity, gender expression and gender characteristics. TOGETHER we need more love in the world and because of that we have chosen our boat theme to be: BAR BUKA – TOGETHER FOR A PLANET FULL OF LOVE.

All hundred passengers will be asked to wear green or pink clothes, and our boat will be decorated in various shades of blue. The colors green and blue reflects the globe, the color pink is often associated with femininity and joy. We will decorate our boat in these themes of love with hearts and the world with globe balloons. While sailing, signs and flags are held up with (loving) texts (such as ‘One planet of love’, ‘One planet, One humanity, One love’ or ‘Love all’), visuals of hearts and other positive statements. We would love it if our passengers would bring their own signs and flags with them on the boat.

It wil be a fantastic afternoon with music, fun and a diverse boat with your loved ones. Our boat can accommodate 100 people. Each ticket costs 170 euros, which includes drinks and a cool goodie bag (value of €50) with (rainbow) products. There are limited places available. You can register via the Google form below. Everyone must register individually – when you register, you can indicate who you would like to go on the boat with and we will try to take that into considering. On Saturday 13th of July we will host a meeting for all passengers and we will hand out the goodie bags along with sharing all information needed for the fun filled day.

Google form:

To make this afternoon unforgettable, we are still looking for sponsors. We will place your logo on our boat and mention your company in all of our communications. It is also possible to make a voluntary donation. We are also looking for goodie bag sponsors! Please send us an email to to discuss how you can support.

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